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Interviews & presentations on communication of supervisory boards

“Supervisory Board communication is a strategic
element, not a luxury. It is about transparent
management – very selective and focused.”

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Here you can find an overview of all interviews & presentations on communication of supervisory boards

On November 23, 2023, Dr. Sandra Binder-Tietz gave a talk on “Communication of Supervisory Board (Chairs): Requirements from internal and external stakeholders” and discussed the topic with around 30 corporate governance experts . The Corporate Governance Breakfast at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, initiated by Professor Dr. Julia Redenius-Hövermann, Associate Professor of Civil Law and Corporate Law at Frankfurt School, and Sabrina Biedenbach, Board Office Biedenbach, promotes intensive professional exchange on current developments in the field of corporate governance.

On November 16, 2023, Dr. Sandra Binder-Tietz discussed with IPO candidates the challenges and optimal positioning of successful supervisory board communication. The event was organized by the Venture Network of Deutsche Börse AG.

Sandra Binder-Tietz gave a presentation on communication of supervisory boards at FidAR Hanse on Aug. 21, 2023. The event was hosted by the private bank Donner & Reuschel.

The approximately 30 participants discussed stakeholder expectations, various internal and external communication measures, and positive and negative examples, and shared experiences.

At the DIRK Conference 2023 on June 20, Sandra Binder-Tietz and Tobias Atzler (Siemens AG) discussed the role of investor relations in the communication of supervisory board chairs with around 100 participants.

In an interview with PRCC Personal- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Dr. Sandra Binder-Tietz talked about supervisory board chairmen as spokespersons for listed companies.

The complete interview can be found here

CEO, CFO and supervisory board chairmen: who are relevant communicators in financial communications and how does the interaction work? Insights into the research followed by an exchange of experiences and discussion.

The supervisory board represents the company internally and externally, especially in financial communications. But what happens when stakeholders also request communication from supervisory board chairs? How are tasks and topics divided up – and what role do communications officers play? What is the reality in companies when three key communicators communicate externally?

Dr. Sandra Binder-Tietz (University of Leipzig) gave an insight into current research on the CEO, CFO and Supervisory Board Chair as (financial) communicators on May 17, 2023 Dominik Sechser (Deutsche Telekom) then commented on the findings before sharing experiences and identifying best practices together.

On May 16, 2023, Sandra Binder-Tietz discussed the relevance of communication by supervisory board chairs with Renate Prinz (partner at McDermott Will & Emery) and members of the “Mission Female” women’s network.

Selbach, D. (2023). The king and the lady. Double interview by Sandra Binder-Tietz and Michael Brendel on the communication of supervisory board chairs. PR Magazine, February, pp. 42-45.

Full interview:

Binder-Tietz, S. (2022). Supervisory board chairs as new corporate communicators: theoretical-conceptual challenge for research on strategic communication. Contribution to the 28th annual conference of the DGPuK specialist group Public Relations and Organizational Communication (PROK), Bamberg, October 2022.

Binder-Tietz, S. (2022, Sep.). The chair of the supervisory board as a new corporate communicator: conceptual and empirical insights into stakeholders’ requirements. Paper accepted at the 23 Annual Conference of the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA). Vienna, Austria, September 2022.

Binder-Tietz, S. (2022). The chairperson of the supervisory board as a new communicator for companies. Paper accepted at the 9th Conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). Aarhus, Denmark, October 2022.

Lecture in the context of the DIRK Members’ Meeting on 08.03.2019 at Bayer AG in Leverkusen

Hoffmann, C. P., Tietz, S. & Hammann, K. (2018). Establishing a dialogue between the supervisory board and investors: empirical insights. Paper presented at the 7th Conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA). Lugano, Switzerland, November 2018.